American Horror Story S1: Unanswered Questions

The first season of the horror TV series American Horror Story ended with a bang, and with news spreading that season 2 will have a brand new house and cast; many fans are peeved over all the unanswered questions, loose ends and unfinished plot lines that have been, excuse the pun, left for dead. Some of it might be down to missing some minute detail somewhere and yet other could remain unanswered due to plot holes. American Horror Story season 1 left us with some head scratchers to ponder. Please note that this post might contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the first season yet, maybe read something else.

  1. One issue that people bring up frequently is the question of Thaddeus, the sharp toothed monster-like inhabitant of the house. What is he exactly? What is his back story? Why didn’t we see more of him, seeing as he’s really creepy? What is his relationship to Tate? If you have answers to these questions please share them in the comments below.
  2. We all know that there was an abortion clinic in the basement, and undead babies could certainly be super creepy, so why didn’t we really see any? In one of the episodes we see something that looks like a baby’s hand disappear under a bed, but there is no real follow-up on it. I, for one, was disappointed that we didn’t get to meet any of the infant victims of Murder House. The question is, do different rules apply to babies than adults who die in the house? With the rules not clearly defined there may be no answer.
  3. As the season progresses we learn that people who die in the house, stay in the house. We also know that Tate died in a stand-off with police in the room occupied by Violet. At one point, however, Tate takes Violet to the beach, where we also meet some of his victims. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that when Violet tries to leave the house after she died, she keeps ending up back inside it. Why then can Violet not leave Murder House, but Tate can? Does Tate have some other special powers that we don’t know about? Is this an unanswered question, or am I missing something from earlier in the first season of American Horror Story? Let me know in the comments. (UPDATE: It was Halloween, the spirits can roam free on Halloween – Thanks Amber!)

    Luke... I am your father.

  4. When Ben gets attacked with the baby near the end of the final episode, why don’t any of the other ghosts, who all seemed to be looking out for the babies best interest, not intervene? Connie and Violet had just spoken to him seconds before, pleading with him to take the baby and go, yet they were nowhere to be found when little baby Harmon baby got stolen. Did the ghosts secretly want Ben to die in the house even though they said they don’t? Did the house stop them from intervening on his behalf? Once again I don’t feel like the rules were well defined in this season of American Horror Story. Perhaps some of these questions will be addressed in the following season, as rules for haunting in general.
  5. The maid, Moira, flirts with and attempts to seduce Ben throughout the season, yet in the final episode she appears to be benign, even wise and supporting old lady, so why did she try to tear the family apart to begin with? Is it her raging ghostly hormones that won’t let her get no satisfaction?
  6. Constance’s once loving husband, Larry Harvey, kills Hayden when she starts showing up at the house to harass Ben. What does he have to gain by keeping the Harmon family in the house and involving Ben in a murder?

I’m sure there are many other unanswered questions or plot inconsistencies in the first season of American Horror Story, if you can think of any post them in the comments, and if you have answers to the questions I posed above, it would be great if you could give them.

Here’s looking forward to season 2 of a really cool horror TV series. The creators have said that there is a big hint as to where the next season will take place in the “Birth” episode. In the meantime it will soon be available on Blu-ray from our Little Shop of Horrors.

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136 Responses to American Horror Story S1: Unanswered Questions

  • Becky says:

    I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer for. I’m not sure if this forum still updates but..

    If Larry Harvey confesses to the murder of Constance’s boyfriend, and we see him in the correctional facility and he also says that he will be sent away soon, how does he help hang Ben at the end?

    Does he die in jail? If so.. Why is he back in the house if he didn’t die on it’s grounds?

  • Archoo says:

    Where is Constance’s Husband who was killed along with Moira?

    • Patrik says:

      Constance shot him , then she triturated him completly and later she gave that “food” to some dogs

    • anonymous says:

      Hugo sleeps with Hayden a little past Midway during the season. He’s still there but they only show him one other time. He says “If my wife Constance catches us…” Then Hayden stabs him and he comes back and walks away.

  • Tasha_m says:

    If telling spirits to “go away” made them leave, why didn’t violet tell the couple and the twins to go away to get rid of them?

    • Connor says:

      I actually had this exact same question for quite a while, before thinking, maybe saying “go away” just makes it so you cant see or hear them. The couple would still be there, Violet just cant see them.

    • Courtney says:

      I know Vivian doesn’t say ‘go away’, and says ‘get out of my house’, but wouldn’t that have the same effect on the ghosts?

  • paigeyy says:

    Larry kills Hayden because he wants $1000 from Ben and wants to blackmail him into it

  • Reagan says:

    Heres my question: they say that woman see the old moira, and men see the young sexy moira. But then it showed a scene with elizabeth short (black dahlia) making out with moira. Did she see her and young or old? Considering she’s lesbian I didn’t know if that changes things but that is would be pretty gross if she was making out with the old version haha.

  • Flo says:

    I’m not 100 percent sure but Moira visits her dying mother, doesn’t she? How the hell could she leave the Murder House? Anybody has an answer for this? Thanks.

    • jasmin says:

      It was halloween. The ghosts/spirits are also to leave the house on Halloween and will return bu the end of the night

      • Soren says:

        But Hayden goes to the bar with Ben when Vivienne was at the hospital and it was not Halloween

      • m. says:

        @ soren The part with Hayden in the bar is a flashback to around the time that Ben’s affair with Hayden began

  • jonathon says:

    It says ghist are ownly a loud to leave on Halloween well what happens if they don’t come back?

    • says:

      they just get poofed back into the house. think of hayden in the police car…she was just sent back

  • BridgeNorton says:

    Does anyone have any idea why Tate’s ghost still thinks his father ran away when he was 6, even though Hugo’s ghost is seen in the house ? Wouldn’t he approach Tate or vice versa since they’ve been there together for like 10 years?

  • Bella says:

    For question 3 if was Halloween and the dead can walk free on that holiday

  • Sarah says:

    Read through all the comments hoping to find an answer to my question, but to no avail. I’m confused about the very first scene in episode one when the twin boys go into the house. They appear to be dressed in 70’s style clothing. The house looks like it has been abandoned for many, many years, and when they go in the basement the abortion doctor’s tools and such are still there. Constance’s daughter is in the front yard and tells them they are going to die in there before they even go in. This doesn’t make sense to me because people lived in the house after the abortion doctor and those items would not still be there, also Constance would not have been living next door because she was in the house in the 80’s, and would not have moved next door until after she lost the house.
    Any help on this one?

    • Bella says:

      I’m pretty sure that constance lived near the house before she bought it as well. Also, the last owners who had the house before it was abandoned probably kept it pretty much the same, decoration-wise, and may have never been in the basement. Or, the spirits in the house could have taken out the tools out to scare the boys.

      • Steph says:

        No Bella. That makes no sense and nowhere in the season was this revealed. Many times during movies/shows, clues are left so that the logically thinking viewer will pick up on it and have their question answered. It isn’t the viewer’s responsibility to make assumptions regarding plot holes when the writer has made no attempt to cover their bases. The fact is, there are so many holes that I couldn’t keep track of them all. It definitely made it hard to get into the show like I would’ve liked. There are no stated “rules” to explain why some ghosts are seen often, some are rarely seen, some are never seen…it’s incoherent. The numerous ghosts and their varying abilities/knowledge is also incredibly inconsistent. Nora is only a shell of her former self and only repeats the same thing about her “baby” while crying yet other ghosts are fully aware and conscience of everything, including their present surroundings and are even able to have sex with the living! No one would read books if they were all missing so much of the story. I will admit I’m watching season 3 but only halfway through and, once again, the inconsistencies are making it hard to watch….I keep turning it off. It could be an incredibly entertaining series….

    • Courtney says:

      There was another doctor who lived there, the dentist from the black dahlia, they could have been his. I also thought that maybe the basement was sealed off, or maybe that the ghosts move things in the house, like the final episode where the Harmons are putting up the Christmas decorations, maybe the doctor was still “practicing”.

    • giggoal47 says:

      the story with the twins was 1978 and Constance’s daughter had to be about 5 or 6 years old- which would have made her in her 30’s present day of the show. I think the writers forgot that fact and Tate in order to be in highschool in the 1990’s had to be born mid to late 70’s early 80’s- so why would Constance move into a wrecked house in the 70’s with young children only to move next door in the 2000’s and why was she permitted to move and not be killed like everyone else and why does she have control over the ghost? what is her story!?- no ghost/evil spirits ever bothers her and she knows the secrets of the house- yet she is living- crazy!- non sequitur abound and sloppy plot creating is endless.

  • mike says:

    What’s bothering me is why couldn’t Moira dig up her own grave and leave it exposed for someone to come along and find? If that would ‘set her free’… The ghosts could pick up objects and interact so I don’t see why digging would be out the question

  • Kay says:

    1)How can the gay couple decorate a whole nursery and none of the living question how a nursery was just ‘magically’ decorated?

    2)How come people just freely come in and out the house and no one questions it – like Constance and the Burn man? even up until they realised Tate was dead how come no one ever questioned why he was ALWAYS in the house, or think to lock the doors?
    (I’d also like the add this happens when Violet meets Gabe for the first time she says ‘i live in the neighbourhood’ but Gabe acts like its fine to have someone in your house looking through your CD’s just casual)

    3)In the last episode the Harmons are around a Christmas tree, do the living see the Harmons using mortal objects? I don’t really get how Ghosts can do that?

    4)How did Ben know the child who survived wasn’t his, not once does he mention a paternity test?

    5)How come some Ghosts remember they died and some don’t?

    All very confusing………

    • Tejaswini Kumar says:

      1. I suppose the house was too big for them to realise.. They never actually show the mortals in the nursery, do they?
      2. They do question it! At least Ben does. They seemed creepily okay with Constance, but I suppose they’d figured she was the nosy neighbour type.
      3. The rule of the house says the ghosts can be seen when they want to, so I suppose that would depend on the discretion of each individual ghost.
      4. Well, Vivien does mention that the baby looks like Ben. Also, they make it pretty obvious Constance got the evil twin at the end of episode 12.
      5. I guess it’s quite a psychological trauma dying and ghosts like say – Violet – couldn’t take it. An alternate theory is, she was unconscious when she died so..

  • carmie says:

    In answer to your some of your questions
    1.When Tate goes to the beach with violet is halloween the only night goats can roam free until sun up (Tate tells violet this in the Japan episode whilst laying on her bed in her room)

    2.Thaddeus is the creature running around in the basement and I believe when his body was sewn back together and he was brought to life it was not Thaddeus spirit but an evil entity which is why everyone after that was cursed to remain in the house and explains why there ate no embryo sprits in the house

    3. Like somebody else said Moira explains that woman can see into a persons true soul but men will only see what they want. It’s only at the point Ben realizes that Vivienne isn’t crazy asking ifMoira knew who rubber man was and admits that all he wants is Viv home so he can take care of her that he sees Moira add her true self. Which by the way is representation of her ‘old soul’ (she yells about it to Constance saying she’s tired and misses her mother)

    4. And lastly why does Moira try to seduce Ben all the time? I think that the circumstance, emotional state they were in at time of death dictates a lot of their behaviors hence Moira died a seductress and feels almost compelled to seduce, Hayden was a mental case so remains psychotic in the after life. The gay guys had issues with infidelity and constant bickering so they always argue and fight and the one guy his on ben. After Thaddius is brought back his mother wants ‘h r” baby back so she spends the afterlife wanting her baby.Its a compulsion top act out their final thoughts/ behaviors/ emotions.

  • anjaaa says:

    I found gif on tumblr in wich Tate and Violet are in the PARK (not on beach) so that scene doesn’t excist in whole season??? Also found another one in which they’re in a some kind of a hospital?

  • Wasabi says:

    I have a question…like for example when Violet died she didn’t realize but I mean her clothes changed and everything and she seemed to move past that. But the nurses were forever hung up on the “look what he did to me” and alway aaalways had the clothes in which they were killed in. My question is, why do some of the ghosts act like ghosts while others merely as imortal humas?

    • Steph says:

      Another unanswered question. The ghosts and their varying knowledge/abilities/interactions are inconsistent and never really explained. People may try to give us their “theory” but it’s never actually explained why the ghost stories are so incoherent.

    • Holly says:

      It could have something to do with the way that those girls in nurse outfits new they were about to die when they were brutally murdered. Perhaps that negative energy just kind of manifested itself forever in their ghosts. The difference with Violet is that she didn’t even know she’d died.

  • Joe says:

    The reason Moira (the maid) is sometimes old and sometimes young is because she says that women can see a person’s true nature (old Moira) due to their natural intuition but men only see what they desire (young Moira). Thats why Vivian, Constance and Violet see her as old but Ben, the Turkish businessman and the hispanic man in the last episode see her as young. Also Ben eventually sees her as old because he has finally appreciated her for who she is.

    • Paula says:

      Yes, but why was she an old woman in the first place? She died young. How could she age when she’s dead? Why would her “true” nature be an old woman? Did she die and then just immediately turn into an old woman? Or did she go through the regular aging process to get to that stage? None of the other ghosts can age. In fact, the gay ghost said he was going to smother the babies to death to keep them at the “cute age” forever. What’s her story?

      • Elizabeth says:

        She lost trust to men and found them all to be horrible, so I guess because of that, she wants to bother them.

      • Nickpudding says:

        Oh my god that is THE biggest question I had. I think the writer was just too creative for his own good. As a result he got lost in his own story leaving MANY questions unanswered.

  • lauren says:

    What I can t get my head round was how Tate managed to get Viv pregnant but when Hayden has sex with the cunky guy, just to see if she can, she tells him that we can’t get pregnant.

    • Anon says:

      I think it was because Tate had sex with a human, and Hayden and the ‘funky guy’ (LOL) were both ghosts.

      • Malachi says:

        But when Hayden and Travis ( Constance’ stud ) have sex, Travis wasn’t dead yet. He was murdered by Hayden minutes ago he told her he was leaving to be with constance again

    • bemaniak says:

      It was explained by the Medium that the birth of a baby with a dead father was the foretelling of the apocalypse, which is why the nurse saw a demonic baby on the ultra sound, and why that child was very happy about murdering Constance’s house maid.

    • JFJane says:

      She died pregnant. Can’t get pregnant when you’re already knocked up.

    • Brandi says:

      She can’t get pregnant because she died pregnant.

    • BridgeNorton says:

      There’s breif chatter about a spirit and a human having a baby, it’s apparently super rare and mysterious- but possible, I guess Tate just has strong swimmers + luck

    • larnie says:

      maybe Hayden cannot get pregnant as she already has a dead baby inside her?

  • Ryan says:

    This reply should have been for Ava.

  • Ryan says:

    Tate explains early in the season that his dad left them when he was around 6 because his mother had an affair with the neighbor. Also, this could be a lie because Tate’s mom also killed her husband when catching him in the act of adultury with the maid. I’m not sure if that was Tate’s dad though, could have been a stepdad or someone before Tate was born.

  • Sally says:

    Is it ever explained why Constance ends up despising Larry? If anything it seems like he should hate her since her son burned him alive…

    • cyann taylor says:

      This isnt direct .but the answer to who the scary monster in the basement is that thadeus was the little infant that had gotten stolen and dismembered, only to be reassembled as that of a monster by the the doctor on meds, it explains it in the beginning

      • Paula says:

        He didn’t die in the house though, so I don’t know how he managed to “live” in the house with the rest of the ghosts. You have to die in the house for it’s magic to work. I know the doc did some Frankenstein crap on his dismembered body parts, but surely the creature never would have actually been living.

    • Ava says:

      I don’t think she despises him. Remember she said that she tolerated him for the good of her family.
      Maybe she felt like they needed a dad, which also brings up the question of what happened to their real dad?

    • She never liked him. She only was with him because he owned the house.

  • shelly says:

    im sorry but I realllyyy just want one question answered, there are multiple times throughout the season tate left the house? I just do not understand. nobody else could why could he?

  • Peter says:

    Hi guys.
    There’s one really important question everyone is forgetting. Why does the house hold the spirits of the ones who die there? There’s no possible explanation at the episodes and I’ve watched it three times now to get the answer and I still get nowhere.

    • Mandi says:

      My only 3 outstanding questions are
      1) WHY can’t the spirits leave the house?
      2) What was the point of the Here Piggy Piggy guy who was shot in his own home?
      3) What did the murder of the nurses in the house have to do with the house itself? Wasn’t it a random killer who approached the door?

      • Ava says:

        For the first one I have no idea, but with the 2nd I reckon they just wanted that actor and to put in a scary bit and with the 3rd it led to the reenactment which is why Vivian wanted to leave the house in the first place, which is part of the whole plot.

    • Mandi says:

      Agreed! Since the Spirits not being able to leave the house is essentially the premiss of the House, WHY doesn’t the series explain WHY THEY CAN’T LEAVE?! I just watched the 1st season thru 2x and there is no explanation.

  • rowan says:

    hi i know this thread is old, but i’ve just gotten into the series and i understand everything except how come the ghosts of the children that tate killed during the school shooting are roaming around the place? i know it was halloween, but i didn’t realise that this allowed all ghosts to appear? surely if that was the case, constance’s daughter (I always forget her name) would’ve stuck around for a bit after she was hit by the car? hahaha 😉
    a great season – asylum is good but not as good

    • Peter says:

      I believe that those spirits only appeared because they have unfinished business on the living world since they clearly seek for revenge of their deaths. Only because Tate is trapped between “this world and the next” the one who killed them

      • rowan says:

        ah yes! that is a good point. the idea of “unfinished business” – thanks! :)

      • Cam says:

        Addie didn’t stick around because she didn’t die on the property. Constance tried to drag her to the lawn but Addie died before she got there. Also, the kids that Tate killed, if they are trapped, are probably trapped in the school. Halloween allowed them to leave the school.

    • Ava says:

      Most of it has already been explained, but Addie didn’t appear, because it was said that she wasn’t a ghost. It said that she made it to the next world and I was hoping she wouldn’t turn into a ghost, because she said she didn’t want to be.

  • Arazzeilla says:

    I must confess, I recently discovered this series on Netflix and I am hooked!! I went searching online to find out about Constances 4th child and ran across this discussion.

    I think the writers meant to leave several unanswered questions, keep them wanting more kinda thing. Like the glowing brief case in Pulp Fiction. But I also think they left a few things up to each viewers own interpretations.

    This is just my opinion on the plot of the house and Thaddeus. The house began with the doctor and Nora. They built the house and in the basement he slowly went mad creating Frankenstein like creatures and getting high. This is where I believe the evil started. It all started with the doctor. As his madness grew so did the evil in the basement. I felt that was why most of the murders by the ghosts took place there. It was were the evil, pain and misery was the strongest. It is where it all started. The doctors one success in his experiments, or so he thought was his work on his own son. I felt that when the good doctor gave Thaddeus a new start he actually gave life to the evil inside himself. When Nora asks how he did it, he tells her he used the beating heart of one of his girls. But we never see her spirit. Why ? She was the only person to die in the house before Thaddeus’s resurrection. As the years go by with different owners and inhabitants his power grows, feeding on the misfortunes that occur in the house. Just waiting and gaining in strength.

    Tate was a psychopath, his bond with the evil in the house was inevitable. After his death he was able to be himself without the fear of rejection. He could be as dark and twisted as he felt without consequence. His desire to please Nora was more wanting to be accepted by a mother figure than anything. At least that is what I took away from the show.

    As for the questions about the death scars. Not all the ghosts had them. The gay guys are a case in point. Chads neck was broke and his boyfriend was shot in a cowboy costume. But they never show their scars and change clothes through out the show. In my mind it was a matter of acceptance and control. Once Hayden accepts that she is dead her appearance changes under her control. Like in the first episode Tate appears heavier. As his madness comes to the surface more and more his face starts to show it. His face is much thinner and around his eyes darkens.

    Well I just had to add my own two cents in. Thanks for reading !!

    • Wasabi says:

      I have always wondered the same thing. I love your theory about the beginning of Murder House, it actually makes a lot of sense.

  • rob says:

    How did Tate get the RubberMan suit out of the trash? We clearly see Ben put the suit into the garbage can which was on the sidewalk OUTSIDE of the cast iron fence. Violet couldn’t pass the fence, but clearly Tate could. Why?

  • scofieldpita says:

    why didnt tate pay for all he did in da serie just claiming hes changed yet still kills

  • Tari says:

    How was Hayden able to get all the way to the police station when it wasn’t Halloween?
    Why was Tate incredibly strong?
    Why didn’t anyone help Ben, right after they were saying that everything was going to be alright?

    Those are some questions that nobody has answered yet.

    • Ava says:

      I don’t understand your last two questions, but with the first one all the ghosts were allowed out on Halloween until the next day I’m guessing, because they were all walking back to the house while Hayden was in the cop car.

    • Katie says:

      It was halloween

  • Tari says:

    No one has answered the question of how Hayden made it all the way to the police station before she returned to the house. It wasn’t Halloween and it broke the rules of the show. Why was Tate so strong when none of the other ghosts seemed to be able to through people around. And why didn’t anyone help Ben out at the end when there were obviously people in the house on his side.

    Also, coming to the comments section and getting angry because someone has a question is stupid and that’s not an opinion.

    • angel says:

      it was still the morning after halloween, all of the remaining ghosts that got out of the house wwere shown returning the house at that same moment, the morning after or November 1st. So I think Nov 1st still has some power for the ghosts to use.

  • I thought the thing in the basement was one of costances’s children ,for Tate was able to get it to help him scare violates (now friend) enemy.then (think this way) it attacked him when he was a child , also i guess that
    lady the one (forgot her name) who’s child died went crazy over the years because she was sweet but now she cray cray!

  • john says:

    Also Moira keeps her death scar (lazy eye) on her true form , the older version of herself. The older version was ment to show her true nature , she wasnot an evil spirit she was a kind misunderstood soul, to show this she would form herself as a kindly motherly old woman . She was young and beautiful when she died but was so pure of heart that her spirit took shape to show it. She only slept with constance husband once because (she felt lonely) but quickly realized it was wrong and addressed this before her death. The ghost we don’t see any scars on is Tate.

    Also it’s interesting to note that she feels for the gay couple when she explains about the past owners (the blonde was cheating on his husband so Moira most likely felt for the one being cheated on ) however when they died she was so used to death happening she just opted to clean the mess and move on.

  • john says:

    The reason why Moira was constantly trying to seduce Ben was because she hates men , she feels they are all liars and cheaters and proves so most of the time by how easily they fall for her sexual charm (remember she was almost raped and died because of a man). She also feels for n with cheating husbands which is why she is so close to bens wife almost in a protective way. It’s only when Ben finally realizes and shows that he loves his wife by refusing Moira advances that she stops and reveals she was trying to teach him a lesson and the he was” beginning to see things as they truly are”

    • Him says:

      No. She tried to seduce him and put something that made you forget what happened in his coffee. And she would try to get him to dig up her bones so she could be with her mother.

      • mike says:

        Did I miss a point that explains Moira isn’t allowed to, or couldn’t she have dug up her own grave for someone to stumble upon? Always bothered me that thought

  • Mitchell Oliver says:

    Two of my biggest questions are why this show drives me crazy.

    First and foremost, when Tate was raping Vivian, how in the world did Vivian not know that the person she was having sex with wasn’t Ben?? You would think that after having been together and knowing what sex felt like that if some random teenager in a suit was raping you you would notice it feeling different than your husband.

    And secondly, the man that was half -burned. Why in the world could he have not just told the cops that there were bodies buried under the gazebo? It made it seem like he was a pretty smart guy and yet his story arcjust ended with him fizzling out in jail. It would have been so easy and Constance would go to jail, Nora, the maid, would finally have peace, and the man would get some kind of closure I feel like.

    • Ava says:

      You have such a good point with the first part.
      But with the second he didn’t want to rat Ben out, because he wanted the money and wanted all the family to move out, so he could live next to Constance and I think with his family.
      And he goes to jail because he feels guilty about what he did to his family.

  • JackieShepherd says:

    – Why did Tate shoot up his classmates? They give pretty solid motives for why he torched what’s-his-name (justice for his burned wife and daughters) and for why he killed the gay couple and raped Vivian (to get a baby for Nora), but I don’t recall a motive for why he killed those kids. The paralyzed teacher suggests to Violet that Tate was just evil, and the last scene of the season – where we meet his sociopathic progeny – would seem to suggest that, but he seems more complex and kindhearted throughout the show…
    – Why are some ghosts completely aware of their dead-ness from the beginning (e.g., Hayden), whereas some need to figure it out (e.g., Violet, Tate), and some never seem to get it (e.g., Nora)?
    – Why is Evan Peters so hot? How is it possible?

    • Lora says:

      Tate was supose to be the perfect son. However he is a psycho and the reason why he shoot his classmates was perhaps proving to his mother, that he already hated, that he is not perfect and that he will never be the son that she wants. Thats what I belive.

      And I have no idea about the last one. In Vivian’s case – she though she was saved by Tate. But he didnt tell he she was dead and tired to trick her to not leaving the house – by spending time together, so she might not have realised it. Tate though that it was just a bad dream, but he should have tried leaving and realised there was something wrong. /He probably lived in the basement FFS/. I cant really tell about anyone else.

      For the last one – Im asking myself the same question. But then you have to think. Do you like Evan, or like Tate? Do you like how he looks like or how he acts? Do you actually like the actor or is it that you like the character?

  • Liz says:

    Why do some ghosts have death “scars” and others do not?

    • Jordon says:

      They all do that I’ve noticed. Tate’s scars are on his chest and I don’t recall him ever being topless. Everyone bares the scars that they last had. Though Elizabeth Short confuses me but maybe young, hot Moira getting down with a cut up girl wouldn’t make for good ratings..?

      • tony says:

        Short died in the chair, and was later mutilated. Her already dead body was scar free until she was taken to the basement.

    • john says:

      The only one I recall not showing their death scar was young Moira. But then again just about all the plotholes I perceived involved her. Why is she the only ghost with a young time of death (without scar) version and an old lady soul (with scar) version? None of the other ghosts had a soul version, all of them only had a time of death with death scar version. How did Moira think she could be released if her bones were moved? The dhalia style murder victims were moved off the premises and still remained.

  • danielle says:

    i want to know what happened to the exterminator that tate killed so he wouldn’t find violet’s decaying body. why isn’t he running around the house all confused??

    and there was a whole thing about Mrs. Montgomery having a hand put on her shoulder (i’m assuming a “devil”) and offered her a baby, because that was all she wanted, then later on she’s telling Tate as a young boy to just yell “go away!” so basically this explains that Tate is Mrs. Montgomery’s son, which is also why he rapes Vivien, to give his mother another baby. what i want to know is how, when he was “adopted” by Constence while she was living in the house, he was able to go to school for more than just halloween, because he was seen around the school and even built a reputation for reading books about birds and being quiet, etc…

    • penelope says:

      Tate is not Mr.s Montgomery’s son… Thaddeus is. Tate is Constances biological son. He wasn’t dead until he was shot by the police after he killed the kids in high school.

    • john says:

      The exterminator (Phil) makes a brief cameo in the last episode when they are scaring the new family out of the house. Mrs. Montgomery’s (Nora) baby (Thad) was murdered, mutilated, and reconstructed into the basement monster Frankenstein style by her husband (Charles), the doctor I think. Tate is Constance’s son, at one point when Tate was a child, Nora’s ghost saved him from Thad when he was chasing his toy truck in the basement. Tate says “I wish you were my mother” to Nora at one point, so I think he thought of her like a mother even if he wasn’t her real kid. All the scenes that show Tate around the school were either flashbacks from before he was killed, stories about his past, or occur on Halloween (coffee with Ben and beach scene with Violet and zombie HS crew).

    • Ava says:

      At the end when the new couple moves in you see the exterminator. The husband is running to the basement and he bumps into him.

  • JAMS says:

    – Why did Thaddeus have an old-man face if he was dismembered as a baby?
    – Why did Ben (and, in the finale, the subsequent man-of-the-house) turn the stove on / burn himself while sleepwalking?
    – Why does Moira age?
    – How does the trapping of Moira’s remains (i.e., under cement) ensure she’ll never leave the house? Other ghosts’ bodies’ rested outside the house (e.g., both the Boy and Girl Dahlias’) and they too seemed trapped.
    – Why don’t the ghosts kill Constance? They all seem to hate her.
    – Why don’t the ghosts kill the realtor?
    – Why would Vivian pay for a ghost tour (twice) instead of just Googling “Murder House”? : > }

    • David says:

      “Why don’t the ghosts kill Constance?”

      Before the Harmons banished Tate and the other bad karma from the house, Tate was the big power there. He wouldn’t allow any harm to come to Constance. His one and only vulnerability was Violet who rejected him, took his balls (essentially), and kept him at bay.

    • danielle says:

      “How does the trapping of Moira’s remains (i.e., under cement) ensure she’ll never leave the house? Other ghosts’ bodies’ rested outside the house (e.g., both the Boy and Girl Dahlias’) and they too seemed trapped.”

      In a later episode where Constance was suspected of murder, they explain how if they had found the body of Miora they would have had enough evidence to prosecute her. Earlier in the season, Halloween, they explain that souls are caught in limbo because for whatever reason they are uneasy about their death. It’s still weird cause even if Constance were to be convicted years later Miora would still be at the house, but maybe not since she’s also the only one who changes depending on how others view her

    • Sophie says:

      To answer your question about Moira’s remains: I think even if her bones were removed from their grave, her ghost would still roam the house. If I recall in one scene, Moira told Constance that when Mr. Escandarian digs up the backyard to put in a pool, they’ll find her bones and Constance will go to prison. So I don’t think that She was upset that entrapping her remains in cement means she’s stuck there forever. I think she was more upset over the fact that she can’t get her revenge on Constance. Hope this helps!! :)

    • Christina says:

      Ben and the subsequent “man of the house” sleepwalk to the stove to burn themselves because of Lorraine Harvey’s ghost. Remember how she set herself on fire with her daughters upon finding out that Larry was in love with Constance? In the final episode she even appears to the new owner of the house saying that he should feel her pain too while at the stove.

    • Wasabi says:

      I guess most ghosts figured out that if someone died on the property they were stuck there forever. I don’t hink they would’ve like living with constance for eternity if they hated her so much.

    • Erin says:

      Why would the ghosts kill Constance if they hate her? If they do, her ghost will be trapped with them all the time, never to leave.

  • Mike says:

    Another question I have is why did Moira get older after she died while none of the other spirits did? I’m not sure if I missed something or if its just unexplained

    • penelope says:

      They said that women who look at her see her soul, rather than her former self, and her soul aged before she died.

      • john says:

        It just kind of seems inconsistent that the seeing the souls didn’t apply to any of the other ghosts. ALL the other ghosts appeared as they did right at the time of their deaths.

  • Meg says:

    Hey vona,
    Why don’t you enlighten us re: the Hayden question. First take your meds though. That goes for the others that bothered to come to and read this website’s posts..and then yelled in caps like loons.

  • vona says:

    I feel as though if the people in this forum would actually WATCH THE ENTIRE SEASON AND PAY ATTENTION. You would get the answer to ur questions. Most if not all the questions asked can b easily answered just by actually watching the damn show

    • Jordon says:

      I agree with you. I JUST watched the entire first season in 4 days and all of these questions being asked were mostly answered in the season. Clearly a lot of people with a short attention span are asking these…

      • Mandi says:

        My only 3 outstanding questions are
        1) WHY can’t the spirits leave the house?
        2) What was the point of the Here Piggy Piggy guy who was shot in his own home?
        3) What did the murder of the nurses in the house have to do with the house itself? Wasn’t it a random killer who approached the door?

    • john says:

      You seem like you had a pretty good grasp on the show, so I wonder if you or someone could answer these questions for me.

      1) Why do we see Moira as old sometimes and young sometimes (I know the “see the soul” stuff) but ALL the other ghosts appear as they did right at the time of their deaths?

      2) Why did Moira want her bones to be removed? If that would release her soul, then why were the two dhalia murder victims, Travis and Beth, still locked to the house when their remains were no longer present?

      • Ashley says:

        I’m not sure about question 1, but I’ve noticed that even though their bones leave the house, the public or whoever never finds out the truth about how they died. Who did it, why. Moira wants them to know what happened to her, what Constance did. I think maybe if someone found her body they’d report it and they’d eventually figure out who she was.

      • Myah says:

        To me it seems that after the ghosts become familiar with the fact that they are dead and are not rejecting the idea, they are able to manipulate their appearance to people.

  • jacey says:

    these are silly questions that can all be answered by paying attention to the show.

    • Tari says:

      They’re not really silly. Like someone asked before Hayden was taken all the way to the police station and it wasn’t halloween. Also, didn’t Violet and Tate go to that swimming pool skate park together in one episode when it wasn’t halloween. The question of why the ghosts didn’t help Ben is also a great question.

      Why is Tate so inhumanly strong? The other ghosts didn’t exactly display inhuman strength. Does he lift weights in the afterlife?

      Why was Ben turning on the stove in a trance? That never happened again and wasn’t never explained.

      How could the ghosts have sex with the living?

      Why was Tate a rapist?

      Why was Constance such a bitch to the Harmons? Why did she steal stuff and give them poisoned cupcakes?

      Why did everyone hate Ben?

      • Jessica says:

        also why when she made the cupcake, she want it to go only to violet

      • Mike says:

        Wasn’t it because she wanted Tate to be with her forever because she knew Violet made him happy and it would make Tate like his mother again

      • penelope says:

        Why was Ben turning on the stove in a trance? That never happened again and wasn’t never explained.
        They explained that in the last episode, where Larry’s wife Lorraine, kept trying to attract the husbands to the fire – to either kill them or just burn them.

        Why was Tate a rapist?
        He wanted to make a baby for Nora.

      • David says:

        The cupcake was made for Violet, not to kill her, but to make her sick. Constance just got off the phone with Dr. Harmon who mentioned that Tate needed to stay away from his daughter. Constance was upset with “the little hussy” and made her the “special cupcake” and even had her daughter spit in it. Ipecac syrup makes you vomit (and may cause internal hemorrhaging from violent vomiting) but shouldn’t kill you.

        Ben was sleep walking and turning on the stove because it was Larry’s wife’s way of sharing her tragedy with him – much like when Moira drugged him and influenced him to dig up her grave. He is clearly easily influenced when in a sleep state.

        My big question is, why did Tate insist that Violet lead the home invaders into the basement? At first I thought that the other ghosts could only kill in the basement. All the ghost murders seemed to happen there except for when Tate would kill. So I assumed Tate was a super ghost and he was the only one who could kill outside of the basement, maybe because of his murderous past. But then in the final episode, the ghosts killed Ben on the stairs. Well, that rule went out the window.

      • Mandi says:

        He led them to the basement because that is where the Frankenstein baby of the original owners resided and it obviously had a taste for flesh.

      • angel says:

        it wasn’t Tate the one who went with Violet to the skate park, it was Leah, and that happened on episodes 2 and 6.

      • Mandi says:

        They leave quite a few questions about Tate, but no real answers there. Hayden doesn’t make it to the Station tho – when the cop arrives there to take her out of the car there is nothing in the seat but handcuffs and then later he tells the Harmons “Hayden never made it to the station. She must have jumped out of the car at a stoplight”.
        As for Ben in the trance with the stove – they explain that in the very last episode of the season – The ghost of the burned guy’s wife is holding Ben’s hand (and other occupants in their turn) over the burners saying “I need you to feel my pain”.
        As for the Living and the Dead having sex it seems that in that house it’s possible; however ghosts aren’t supposed to be able to impregnate anyone according to the Median Constance consults. The Median also tells of the abomination fathered by a spirit and a human becoming the antichrist – So maybe Tate was possessed by the devil – but that isn’t clear. It does show that Tate raped Mrs. Harmon to make a baby for the spirit of the original owner, Mrs.Montgomery whose soul is longing for a baby. It showed Mrs.Montgomery being kind to Tate as a child indicating she “mothered” him in a ghostly way.
        I wish they were clearer about Constance: all we know is She painted the messed up demonic morals in the Murder House, she said herself she has a cursed womb, and she knowingly chose to raise a baby that she knew is supposedly the antichrist. Leading me to the obvious conclusion that for whatever reason Constance is Fucked UP.

      • Myah says:

        Q1 i am not sure about,

        Q2 it was revealed in the last episode when Miguel and his family move in and are scared out (by the good ghosts that don’t want them to share the same fate) that the ghost of Lorraine Harvey (who set her and her daughters on fire as she realised Larry was in love with Constance) wanted the men to “feel her pain”.

        Q3 i’m guessing the same way they could touch the loving and the things surrounding the living. However they shouldn’t be able to impregnate the living, this was explained by Billie Dean Howard (the medium hired) that such a thing would create the anti-christ (which was half proved and half left to the imagination in the last episode ‘Afterbirth’ where young Michael Langdon is seen to have murdered his nanny and not show any remorse or knowledge that it is a bad thing).

        Q4 he wanted to fill Nora’s desire to have her own baby as he viewed her as a mother figure when she saved him from Thaddeus and craved a motherly figure’s approval.

        Q5 it’s in her nature. However, the cupcake was to just make Violet sick because Ben informed her he could not see Tate anymore for treatment because of his pining for Violet,

        Q6 everyone didn’t hate Ben. Some did, some had weariness and dissapproval for what he’d done to Vivien. However in the end it is clear that he has seen the error of his ways and everyone is much more open and friendly towards him.

      • Anon says:

        I’m pretty sure it was Halloween the night she was taken to the police station. Violate and Tate never went to the ‘swimming pool skate park’. Ben turned on the stove because of Larry’s ex wife, who urged him to do it. The ghosts were like physical humans in the house, so sex was never an issue. Tate was a rapist because he was an absolute psychopath. More specifically, he wanted to feel a mother’s love, so he was going to make a baby for Nora Mongtomery. Constance was a bitch because she is a bitch. I think she poisoned the cupcakes simply because she really disliked Violate, at least in the beginning of the season. Everyone hates Ben because he cheated on his wife two times with one of his very young students and got her pregnant… Most of these questions could be answered simply by watching the show!! But hte question about why the ghosts didn’t help Ben is a great one.

    • Teresa says:

      It’s not a crime to ask question. This is a show that leaves a lot to the imagination. An “each to his own” interpretation type thing. Some people just want solid, concrete answers. The’s nothing wrong with that and there’s no need to get excited. My advice.. Google your questions! :) there’s bound to be a website somewhere that offers answers to your questions.

  • Brandon says:

    Only thing that bugged me is why are the spirits stuck to this house? I’ve watched the first season just last weekend and I was quite attentive but I couldn’t remember why in retrospect and when I read synopsis online they never delve into why.

    • Mandi says:

      I wondered the same thing: WHY can’t the spirits leave the house? In the episode where the Armenian (sp?) guy is going to buy the house, Moira says “he’s building me a pool and they will dig up the yard, find my remains, and I will be out of here” to Constance. My original guess was that the remains were the reason they were bound to the house, but then the 2 murdered Dahlia’s (the girl and then Constance’s BF) remains were taken away and their ghosts are still trapped in the house. I would LOVE to know WHY they can’t leave!!!

      • Erin says:

        Because the house is evil and collects souls. That is what makes the story so creepy and interesting.

      • BridgeNorton says:

        If your body stays on the property your ghost ages (supposedly). If you die on the property your ghost is trapped there seemingly forever or until the house is destroyed (maybe). I don’t think the logistics of it are ever fully disclosed but other theories suggest the house merely began storing souls because of all the rotten shit going on there. It doesn’t makes sense since it seemed like it was evil from the get-go. Another theory is the procedure that brought Thaddeus back to live invoked some evil joojoo. Incidentally, Thaddeus is still alive, not a ghost…

  • Brittney says:

    ^Andi, I can’t exactly tell what episode it happened in, one of the last few, but it shows Constance speaking to Ben on the phone while using her scarf to muffle her voice. She probably just toned down her accent and changed the pitch in her voice. It kinda makes sense that Ben didn’t figure it out, since she didn’t mention Tate when they met for the first time.

    Also for question number 5… I believe that every ghost seems to have their own past and regrets that they grasp onto. Tates could be his tendancies for murder, nora is constantly dwelling on the death of her baby, hayden wants to be loved, etc. I believe the reasoning for young moira being a sex hound is that she died by a man lying, cheating and raping her. Her entire time spent with the Harmons, she was testing Ben. By the finale, Ben is completely devoted to his wife and making sure she’s well and safe. Moira finally revealed her true self when she felt that Ben no longer needed to be tempted and stay true.

  • Andi says:

    I always wonder who Ben was speaking to on the phone when he called Tate’s mother and said that he could no longer treat him. You would think that after meeting Constance and her knowing her voice, that would have recognized who was on the other end of the line?

    • jacey says:

      At one point in a later episode, it shows a flashback of Constance on the phone with Ben and she puts a cloth over the phone to muffle her voice and slighty uses a different accent.

  • Drew says:

    Plot hole – Hayden made it all the way to the police station in Luke’s security mobile… how?

    Answer to your “unanswered question 2” – just as Ally said. Nora told Vivian the baby wasn’t stillborn, but was alive when he came out, even if very briefly. Thus making the point that had it been stillborn, it would not have been a ghost in the house.

    Answer to your “unanswered question 6” – it was stated several times that he was blackmailing Ben for $1000 for head shots(which obviously is true as he stated in later episodes, both while incarcerated and in flashbacks, an interest in theatre), under the threat that if Ben does not pay him, he’ll point the finger to make him suspect in the case of his missing & pregnant mistress. Also he was not married to Constance.

    Answer to your “unanswered question 1” – Thaddeus was the kidnapped and dismembered son of Dr. and Mrs. Montgomery. In the fsecond-to-final episode, it is shown that when Tate was still alive, Thaddeus scared him and Mrs. Montgomery came to his rescue. One can only assume they played together much in the same way Beau and Violet did and thus formed a bond. Or, as is pointed out about the good spirits in the house by Moira in the final episode, they bonded and worked together as evil spirits with the same goal of terrifying and killing innocents.

    • David says:

      It was Halloween. It was that morning after when all the ghosts were being drawn back to the house when Hayden disappeared from the police car.

  • Ally says:

    I think the babies weren’t necessarily considered alive so they couldn’t be ghosts. I remember when Vivienne gave birth to the “stillborn,” they had mentioned that he had been alive for a few seconds so therefore he turned into a ghost. And perhaps the baby’s hand belonged to the Montgomery’s child after the dad tried to revive him once they retrieved the body.

  • Megan says:

    One question that always bothered me was Constance’s fourth child. The child was mentioned, but remained unnamed.. I always liked to think that Tate had a twin and he wasn’t really the one who shot up the school.. However, my theory was shot down as soon as I watched the season one dvd commentary. Her fourth child was an albino boy who was only ever in a deleted scene in the first episode. Sad, I know, but I guess that answered my question. Just thought I’d post in case anyone else was wondering.

    • Arazzeilla says:

      I have been wondering about that. I thought I was the only one who noticed it. Now I have to go…… headed to wally world to get the DVD so I can see it for myself. Thanks for the info.

  • Amber says:

    The reason why Tate could take Violet to the beach was due to it being Halloween. On that day, all spirits can wander free. That’s why he was able to meet Ben at the park in the morning as well as take Violet to the beach that night.

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